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OhioAnts is more than just a provider of premium formicariums and ant keeping products. We also support the local hobby in Ohio by proving additional information about Ohio ant species, husbandry and protecting our states natural biological diversity.

  1. Join Discord
    This is the number one place our local Ohio natives spend time talking about what we love to do. Join our Free Discord channel and get an insightful real-time conversation with a really friendly group.
  2. Tell others about OhioAnts and Ohio myrmecology as a hobby.
    Get the word out! Every time you are collecting ants, be prepared to tell curious bypassers what you are doing and throw them in the right direction. Most people are intrigues once you explain how you can start an entire colony from a single queen you collect in your own backyard or park.
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    While day to day conversation happens in discord, the formal newsletter will be released through email – so sign up now!

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