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Ohio Pheidole

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Alright, in my hopes that one of use will be super lucky and catch like a dozen Pheidole for us all, here's everything I know. Feel free to add anything and I'll update!

There are four species of Pheidole in Ohio: P. pilifera, P. bicarinata, P. dentata, and P. tysoni.

Queen size: 5-8mm, it's hard to find exact numbers, so be sure to measure them so we can update info!

Pheidole pilifera

Queen: 4b1lbc6lglo21.jpg

Workers: 220px-Mature_Pheidole_pilifera_minor_and

P. pilifera is the most widespread species in Ohio and is therefore probably the one we might have the best chance catching: http://antmaps.org/?mode=species&species=Pheidole.pilifera

Habitat: Prefers grasslands, but can be found in forests. Nests in open soils or under rocks.

Flight Info: Flights start the last week of June and go until the end of July. They fly during the day IMMEDIATELY after heavy rain. If you wait longer than 30 min, you might miss them. They don't seem to fly after rains during the night.

Notes: They are granivorous, so you will need to feed them seeds along side sugar and insects. The majors will mainly stay in the nest to "mill" the seeds.


Pheidole bicarinata


Workers: Pheidole_bicarinata,_worker,I_ALW300.jpg


Probably the second most "common" Pheidole distribution wise, so we have also have a good chance of catching them: http://antmaps.org/?mode=species&species=Pheidole.bicarinata

Habitat: Pretty diverse nesting sites, but prefers sandy soils or disturbed areas. 

Flight Info: Flights start the last week of June and go until the end of July. Likes hot humid days and has been found swarming around porch lights at dusk. 

Diet/Care: Can harvest seeds, but eats most everything. The majors are "braver" and will leave the nest to help break apart large insects or meat. 


Pheidole tysoni



Rare and probably restricted to south east Ohio: http://antmaps.org/?mode=species&species=Pheidole.tysoni

Habitat: Seems to like open, slightly sandy soils.

Flight Info: Unknown

Diet/Care: Rarely harvest seeds, might tend aphids. 


Pheidole dentata




While they exist in Ohio, they are exceptionally rare and we probably won't find them: http://antmaps.org/?mode=species&species=Pheidole.dentata

Habitat: Likes rotting wood. 

Flight Info: Unknown

Diet/Care: Just insects and sugar.



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Pheidole Pillfera Pillfera are quite rare in ohio, Bicarinata and Dentana are the 2 most common i have caught both once or twice, tysoni is VERY RARE and is probably more the eastern half of the state than the southeastern corner they have been found in new york and the surrounding states as well so more likely to be the eastern half

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