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  1. Not to argue, but IMO most states north of south Alabama or Texas need hibernation. Because of the mountainous region Utah is in they have much of the same weather as us. Personally, I wouldn't consider Utah a "southern" state. But with so many queens it would be great to split it and see if you can get is year around. Best of luck, Vex
  2. It really helps keep them separated
  3. My sad little setup gotta catch more this year!
  4. You are too lucky to be an antkeeper. Buy gold or stocks or something. ?
  5. Vexation


    What colonies are you thinking of (species) ? Also, multiple colonies could probably smell each other through the cotton and IMO I don't think it would be a good idea.
  6. Great! I gotta get a pheidole, come hunting with me ?
  7. Vexation


    Also a bit more light
  8. Camponotus chromates is one of them (10mm found in April; 3rd from bottom)
  9. Looks cool! You should build some more!
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