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  1. Great photos, thanks for posting!
  2. @Carissa Please let us know when/if you see the imparis Flying as its the start of the season! Thanks for the post!
    This is such a great image, thank you for posting!
  3. Are you able to get a photo so we can confirm species and give others an idea of what this critter looks like?
  4. This is a fantastic write up, thank you! Do you mind including a few photos of your setup?
  5. @joshua To get clear answers for your request, please repost each species individually.
  6. That is my experience, it takes time, and patience to just wait them out.
  7. Wow, what a battle! thanks for posting this interesting video.
  8. Thanks for posting, looking forward to seeing more, I would agree these appear to be formica sp.
  9. This is awesome, thanks for sharing the story, looking forward to seeing this colony grow!
  10. @Orbyx Can you explain a little bit more about your ant box? Is it heated? If so that's a great use of space and looks super clean!
  11. Thanks for the official Intro, looking forward to hearing more about your anting adventures and the tools you use!
  12. It looks so homey! Thanks for sharing!
  13. Those videos are great! Thanks for posting them! Love the photos as well.
  14. Same here, the more we can let people know that there are other weird ant people the faster we can grow this hobby in our state!
  15. Mike McBrien

    Dork (Dayton)

    Straight up, I love fishing. Nice haul!
  16. I was able to configure and add another new feature to the OhioAnts community. We now have a member map, accessible through the community tab in the main menu. The community map will give the options for member to place their general location to let others in Ohio know who is in their vicinity and hopefully encourage growth in the hobby. Please do not post your home address, town, or suburb is more than enough. Additionally in the future as we are able to geo locate some images will will also be using this same map fro placing collection locations of colonies or queens. Enjoy!
  17. Just a quick heads up. There is a new forum category setup that points to our Gallery section of the website. This section is designed for you to upload your photos of ants for sharing with the community. The goal is to create an album for each species and get as much community involvement as possible to curate and fill the albums @Orbyx and I have already started populating the P. imparis gallery as an example. I hope to see more users contribute to the gallery and make identifying ants easier for everyone!
  18. Mike McBrien

    Mike McBrien

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