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  1. Ok they are swarming my deck right now they aren’t polygenouse right
  2. So I was in my yard today and I spotted a colony of camponotus pennsylicinicus in my yard with workers everywhere around the nest later I saw a queen elate stumbling through the grass 40 yards away are campos already flying?
  3. After a while I have finally found a second queen while playing basketball in my driveway
  4. I also had a question on how long my queen can go before it’s too late to add another
  5. Thanks I only found one last year and it died didn’t know they preferred groups.
  6. Hi so I want to get some more Pimps I found one today on a trail in my woods when I was not looking for ants but my brother wants one as well. Wondering if u could give me some tips thx
  7. or actually I think October 1st like u said
  8. ok thank you dork I think I will move mine into my garage in late October
  9. Unfortunately this ill be my final update the queen died and most of her workers too I believe the cause to be the light I exposed them to and way to much room ?
  10. Its ok mine are in a card board box in my closet
  11. queen has just laid a batch of eggs so excited
  12. Literally can't move this setup cuz I weighs like 30 pounds
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