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  1. Incredible pictures, @DragonAnts2Kids!
  2. I'll definitely be keeping a sharp eye out, @Mike McBrien
  3. That sounds super cool! I hope you get your queens, especially the Camp. Thanks for the tip, Lukeisneuer!
  4. Greetings, fellow antlovers! Soring is on its way, and I've already seen some action from the winter ants' (Prenolepis imparis) nest in my backyard. I'd love to know what everyone's goals are for antkeeping or studying this year! Personally, I'm hoping to catch a queen or two and I'm planning on digging up a colony of wood ants that my dad has been looking to get rid of, since they would just be destroyed otherwise. I'd love to catch enough queens to sell a couple, especially as I'm going into college this fall and could use a little extra funds. I'm also going to try and map out all the colonies in our yard, marking them on a printed-out satellite image (in theory). Last year, I did a bit of a census, and found over seven species in our yard! I wasn't able to positively identify all of them, but I know there were Prenolepis imparis, Tapinoma sessile, Myrmica americana, and Monomorium minimum. So, anyone want to share their ant plans for the year? Good luck everyone!
  5. Does anyone have a favorite ant species (exotic or native) that would be their greatest antkeeping dream come true? Mine is Carebara castanea because the dimorphism between the queen and workers!
  6. Carissa

    Myrmica sp. (?)

    Looks like Myrmica americana to me. They're mite-hunting ants that scientists know little else about. Keep a good journal! You might just make a discovery.
  7. This is awesome! Thanks for posting this.
  8. Very brave to hold an ant! I love ants. Just not on me. ? Super neat, though; didn't know you could actually, like, tame an ant.
  9. So, if I have a social parasite, should I steal brood from ants for them?
  10. Say, what method are you using to heat your ant box? I love the idea, by the way, and may end up implementing it myself.
  11. I'm curious as to how you're going to prevent them from escaping when you move them out of the test tube. When I collected some workers of T. sessile in a jar with a screw-on lid, they just ran through the tiny space between the glass and the lid and crawled around my room (I was most unhappy!) until I put a piece of duct tape on the rim. Unfortunately, that made it air-tight! I've had the same problem with Monomorium minimum (one of my favorite species, too!) so I'd love to know how you solve that problem.
  12. I think that I must have a C. nearticus queen, then; picked her up a week or two ago.
  13. I happen to have a Pheidole nest in my front yard. The major workers are absolutely enormous (only in comparison to the minor workers) with their big, heart-shaped heads! They are in very sandy, pale colored soil; and the ants themselves are very reddish in color, especially the majors.
  14. Carissa


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