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  2. Great photos, thanks for posting!
  3. Incredible pictures, @DragonAnts2Kids!
  4. On Feb. 17 2020 I was getting excited about the coming Anting season and with a nudge from AC talking about Prenolepis Imparis flights happening soon in North America I went out just to have a look around. After almost giving up I saw a tree about 5in. in diameter with a broken dead branch tightly up against the main trunk and decided to pull it off, that's when I found my first Chromaiodes Founding Colony. I was very excited and posted pics immediately on discord to confirm species. A week later I wanted to see if I could find more in this manor, so I headed out looking for that exact situation with no luck at all. So my next move was prying the bark from a dead tree and to my surprise I found Two Founding Colonies within inches of each other! Needless to say I was on cloud nine, but I wanted to try one more time and two days later on a rainy miserable day I found another two Queens in the same fashion, however one did not have any workers or eggs and the other only had two workers without eggs. Now almost a month later for Queen #1 (who only had workers) now has a good brood pile going. Queen #2 had 10 workers and moved into my THA mini-hearth and has a nice brood pile too! Queen #3 started with 7 workers has a large pile as well. Queen #4 started slow with only 2 workers, but finally joined the egg team... I still have faith in Queen #5 though she has no workers and no eggs at the moment. Wish her luck!
  5. I'll definitely be keeping a sharp eye out, @Mike McBrien
  6. @Carissa Please let us know when/if you see the imparis Flying as its the start of the season! Thanks for the post!
  7. No problem, I saw you joined. My screen name is Mad Biologist. If you want to be updated on when people are talking, just turn on notifications.
  8. That sounds super cool! I hope you get your queens, especially the Camp. Thanks for the tip, Lukeisneuer!
  9. I'll be doing an experiment with a large number of Camponotus nearcticus queens with a few other members on here. I'm hoping to get some parasitic Formica queens started this year, but my biggest goal is to catch a Camponotus americanus queen. You should join the Ohio antkeeping discord, it's way more active than our forum. Here's a link: https://discord.gg/MyqbK8g
  10. Greetings, fellow antlovers! Soring is on its way, and I've already seen some action from the winter ants' (Prenolepis imparis) nest in my backyard. I'd love to know what everyone's goals are for antkeeping or studying this year! Personally, I'm hoping to catch a queen or two and I'm planning on digging up a colony of wood ants that my dad has been looking to get rid of, since they would just be destroyed otherwise. I'd love to catch enough queens to sell a couple, especially as I'm going into college this fall and could use a little extra funds. I'm also going to try and map out all the colonies in our yard, marking them on a printed-out satellite image (in theory). Last year, I did a bit of a census, and found over seven species in our yard! I wasn't able to positively identify all of them, but I know there were Prenolepis imparis, Tapinoma sessile, Myrmica americana, and Monomorium minimum. So, anyone want to share their ant plans for the year? Good luck everyone!
    This is such a great image, thank you for posting!
  11. My favorite native species would be Trachymyrmex Occidentalis, although it’s extremely rare. Next would probably be pheidole for the fast growth and polymorphism
  12. My favorite native species is Camponotus americanus, and camponotus are my favorite in general. My favorite exotic species is Dorymyrmex gigas, just because of how large they get, but in reality, if I had to pick I wouldn't be able to to just because there are so many cool species. If you want plenty of antkeeping info from experienced keepers, you should join the Ohio ants discord here: https://discord.gg/MyqbK8g
  13. Yes I actually do have both a favorite native species and a favorite exotic species. Native: Solenopsis molesta, I just cant get enough of the large colonies and explosive growth (for native species) Exotic: Daceton boltoni, I just love the shape of their head and the fact that they dont suck to keep unlike most other odd looking/shaped ants. Their colonies get relatively large, as do their workers. queens are upwards of 23mm, I hear they are up to 29mm while their larger workers are up to about 22mm (smaller workers are like 4-6mm)
  14. Does anyone have a favorite ant species (exotic or native) that would be their greatest antkeeping dream come true? Mine is Carebara castanea because the dimorphism between the queen and workers!
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  17. Are you able to get a photo so we can confirm species and give others an idea of what this critter looks like?
  18. Hey Dork, I found out that they have a very specialized diet of spider eggs, dead ants and insect larvae she is eating a dead Tapinoma sessile worker as we speak she is amazingly small and is very slow to react to anything and is not bothered by light or anything, she is very calm I have been told to keep her in a petri dish setup but I am unfamiliar with that setup and I will put some soil in her tube as well
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  20. Pheidole Pillfera Pillfera are quite rare in ohio, Bicarinata and Dentana are the 2 most common i have caught both once or twice, tysoni is VERY RARE and is probably more the eastern half of the state than the southeastern corner they have been found in new york and the surrounding states as well so more likely to be the eastern half
  21. im doin the garage this year or i could place it in our old duck house its mildly insolated and shouldnt get that cold but cold enough to keep em snoozin and alive
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