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    1. Site Announcements

      Information on recent site changes, features or other announcements.

    2. Introductions

      Tell us about yourself, Your general location and experience in the Ant-Keeping hobby. Take some time to explain your goals for ant-keeping.

    3. Ant Discussion

      The Ohio Ants community is a thriving community dedicated to the husbandry and collection of ants in Ohio. Discuss any topic related to the ant-keeping here.

    4. Ant Research

      OhioAnts is proud to have a collaboration with OSU and the Adams Megalomyrmex Ant Lab. This forum section is dedicated to advanced ant research and topics around specimen collections and collaborative research.

    5. Species Identification

      if you're new to the hobby, identification can be difficult, post clear photos of your ants and the community will help you identify your species! CLEAR photos are required, use flash, or lights to help get better photos. Post only one ant ID question per post please! Multiple photos of the subject will give better ID's.

    6. Ohio Nuptial Flight Notifications

      Rejoice! Ant's are flying - Let others know so they can get out and find those queens. Please format new posts like this: [City] YYYY-MM-DD - Species. Please only include flights in Ohio.

    7. Colony Journals

      Keeping track of our ant colonies is a great way to help remember how the colony has evolved and changed. It's even more beneficial for others to gain insight on how to keep colonies of the same or similar species. Sharing your colonies journal will help not only you, but everyone in our hobby!

    8. Ant Species Gallery   (7,345 visits to this link)

      Community driven ant species gallery. Please post only your own photos under a species gallery, if the gallery does not exists for your species, please create a new gallery.

  2. Off Topic

    1. General Off-Topic

      Any about anything goes here, if one area of off-topic takes off, we can create a new discussion forum area.

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