Hypoponera ragusai

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Light to medium brownish-yellow; head very finely punctate,glossy.T he broader, subrectangular petiolar scale will distinguish this spe­cies from H. opacior and the small size and glossier sur­face will differentiate it from H. opaciceps.

Recorded from Ohio as Ponera oblongiceps by Wesson & Wesson ( 1940). also know as Hypoponera gleadowi

Smith ( 1939a) recorded a Maryland colony of 47 workers, 3 ergataners, and 15 alate females.

This widespread tramp (introduced) spe­cies is found throughout tropical and subtropical ar­eas. This species has not been well recorded in Ohio, only known from Jackson County.


Found in partial shade


Further data lacking.


Further data lacking.

Nesting Information

A nest was found under a stone on moist but well-drained soil (Wesson & Wesson, 1940).


2.3mm - 2.9mm

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